Sustainability Goes to the Dogs

Sustainable Pet Design
(Picture from Ready Made)

Not sure what I noticed first, the dog house or the cute little cream dachshund! I'm thinking that this would be a better addition to my new garden than the fountain we put in.  This green "woof" house was designed by Stephanie Rubin, a landscape designer from L.A., who wanted to experiment with green roofs on a smaller scale.  This lead to the creation of Sustainable Pet Design and Stephanie launched a variety of dog and bird houses made out of recycled material and all include green roofs.  You can find directions for the design above over at Ready Made!  

Sustainable Pet Design Gretle

More directions can be found here at an article about Stephanie in the Seattle Times. I think I've found a weekend project for our dog house that was barely used, maybe it just needs a little makeover to make it more appealing and inviting to the hounds.