Dachshunds on the Hunt- Squirrel!

Squirrel Hunting 4

We were at the Marina this weekend going for a casual walk when Hazel tracked down a squirrel in the rocks!  Usually they just walk around the rocks sniffing and running back and forth looking for the scent but this time they actually found one.  Good hunters!  (No squirrels were hurt, don't worry)  I can always tell when she has her prey because the tail goes up and she chirps a high little bark indicating she has it.  Here's Nooner in on the game, both enjoying the chase. 


I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get her out of the rocks once she caught whiff because she is fearless and relentless when it comes to her hunting tactics.  Deeper and deeper she went but the squirrel was hiding and sitting tight, angrily squaking away telling her to back off.


No rock is too big!  Actually it gave me a good idea to include a rock "outcropping" at home in the front yard for them to explore and sniff around.


Off again!  Tally Ho! They found another one, it was a good day for the hounds.  Where was Foyle?  Waiting patiently by my side until their little adventure was over, true to his breed he's not the hunting type.  He's a lover, not a fighter!