Foyle's Friday at Chow

WM Lunch at Chow

Friday was a celebration for Foyle!  After a visit to the vet we found out that he had gained 2.5 pounds!  A resonating "yes" went through the office and we all had smiles on our face because any more weight loss would have had us all worrying that the kidney disease was going downhill.  But the weight is coming back on so his body is responding well to the diet and the meds!  It was such a good news that we decided to stop by Chow in Lafayette Circle for a little celebration. 

WM Chow

They have a large outdoor patio that was heaven because the weather was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold (well it can never be too cold for Foyle) and they allow dogs on the patio!   They even brought Foyle his own water bowl and was nice enough to keep refilling, and refilling, and refilling.  Sometimes I wonder where all the water goes, mainly on the surfaces surrounding him but occasionally it gets into his mouth.

BLT at Chow WM

I shared my salad with Foyle, but the B.L.T. was all mine!  So good with bread toasted just right and thick strips of bacon.  I had to order the Puppy Dog drink which was a little embarrassing considering it was off of the kids menu but the mix of carrot juice, apple juice, and lemonade was well worth it.  So good I decided to buy the ingredients and make it at home too.   Foyle enjoyed his time on the patio and said "hi" to as many people as he could.  The slime was kept to a minimum surprisingly which was lucky because I forgot to bring a towel with me and the begging was minimized so overall it was a great celebration.