Wag'n Pet First Aid Bandanna

After hearing about the dog stabbing out at Fort Funston this past week I thought this would be so appropriate to have with you as a safety precaution.  I saw this bandanna first in Dog Fancy Magazine, and now they have a give away on FidoBlog for Wag'n Pet's First Aid Bandanna.  This is a great little gift or surprise for your favorite dog and it could save his life at some point!  Printed on the bandanna are treatments and symptoms for common accidents like the following:

  • Heat Exhaustion

  • Burns

  • Rescue breathing and CPR

  • First aid for bites and bleeding

  • Choking and Burns

  • General first aid treatments

  • 50 uses for a bandanna

Nice to take with you to the dog shows (could double as a slime towel), camping, car trips, or just out to the dog park.  God knows we've all seen or been in a few bad bite situations at the park!  This is definitely going on my Christmas list this year!  Apparently it is a popular idea because you can find a human first aid bandanna, an animal track identifier bandanna, and a knot tying bandanna.  More emergency preparedness to come tomorrow!