Earthquake Preparedness For Dogs- and For You

Not only do the Italian Newfoundland dogs shine in the
ring, but they also put us to shame in their rescue work as you
can see in this video from the Italian School of Rescue Dogs.  Do I really need another reason to move to Italy?  I could live on Lake Como
and train Newfoundlands, no problem.  But after seeing this video it
makes our training for the water dog rescue title seem like we're
training for a trip to Disney Land.  Aw, don't get mad but really, how
many of our dogs are trained to jump from helicopters?

You know what we do better in California though? Earthquakes!  You can even see what is happening in your neighborhood in terms of shaking and moving on the USGS website by the hour, day, and week.  Are you prepared though?  I'm not, but I did come across some great information to get us started on planning for an evacuation or an emergency here at home.  They've been saying for the past few years that another big one is due so here's some information to help you get ready.

  • If you need to leave your house here are evacuation forms from Wag'n Pet Safety Gear to fill out and leave on your door for first responders during emergencies.  Download both the No Pets Left Behind card and the Pets Left Behind Card to let first responders and emergency crews know your status and, heaven forbid, if you had to leave your pets behind.

  • FEMA's website Ready America has downloads to Family and Children's folding wallet cards that have emergency contact information for you to fill out.  You can fill it out online at their Family Emergency Plan site. 

  • Ready America also has a Pet Preparedness Plan kit for you to download to prepare for an emergency.  My neighbor has her kit in a large plastic trash can.  I'm going to ask my vet for additional meds that I can put in the can and I can rotate it out each month so they don't expire, but I'll always have back up bottles.

  • Put an app on your iphone with your pets' information that can be easily emailed.  I like Pet Dossier the best, but there's also Pet CV. I also have Pet First Aid as a back up on my phone.

  • If you need a pet first aid kit a good start is the Well fed Mayday Pet First Aid Kit.

The ultimate in emergency rescue?......... 

A Newfoundland of course!