A Flying Dog in Outerspace

Threadless a Flying Dog
Threadless Dress to Impress

I'm a big believer in plain t-shirts and feel a bit too embarrassed to wear dog related paraphernalia in general, it's one thing to like your breed and be proud of your dogs, but a
completely different thing when you are decked out in jewelry, dog
prints, and dog socks.  If What Not to Wear needs a topic then they should definitely check out dog shows!  No offense everyone, been there myself. 

So when I came across these two prints I thought that they would actually be acceptable in public areas outside of dog shows or water training.  The first is A Flying Dog In Outer Space designed by Ryder Doty, and the second is Dress to Impress designed by Renee Hartig.  The Tee shirts are screen printed on American Apparel brand shirts which are amazingly soft and durable.  Looking for more than dog themes then check out the rest of the shirts on Threadless because they will crack you up.  Do you dare wear?