Fido's Indoor Dog Park- Portland

Fidos Indoor Park

A new indoor dog park opened up in Portland over the summer, Fidos Indoor Dog Park and it seems to be the place to go to run, play, and even swim with your dog!  After the blistering 100 degree weather we had over the past few days I think Foyle would sign up for this park himself if he could.

Fidos Indoor Park 2

both pictures from the Fido's Indoor Dog Park Website

The park has over 20,000 square feet of play and community event space, 13,000 square feet of indoor grass area, overnight boarding, self dog wash area, a 98% chemical free pool, and a webcam so you can watch your pup at play during day care sessions.  Let me know if you've gone there and what your experience was, I'm very interested to see how the astroturf is holding up to all that rough housing.