Evergreen State Fair- Monroe, Washington

Snohomish Rides

This past weekend a took a short vacation and headed up to Seattle for some R&R.  When I heard that the Evergreen State Fair was still in town I thought I would go since I haven't been to a fair since high school.  I had a great time with my brother-in-law who was generous enough to go with me and such a sport considering we had to park about a half mile away from the grounds. 

Snohomish Clydesdales 2

First up were the Clydesdales who were just coming out from the draft horse show.  I remember one driver at the Draft Horse Classic telling me that each harness can cost up to $10,000, not the hitch, but the harness alone that goes around the body.  Beautiful horses and impecable handling.


Snohomish Sheep Show

After battling the crowds lining up for the typical carnival rides, that literally haven't changed in over 20 years, we made it out to the animal barns in time to catch some judging.  I was quite intrigued and fascinated because it looked vaguely similar to the dog show that I was at earlier in the day! 

Snohomish Goat
Snohomish Silkie 

Snohomish Rabbit Snohomish Cow


Snohomish Vinegar
Snohomish Farmers (2) 


Snohomish Handwriting
Snohomish Fair Bear

Snohomish Fair Monkey
Snohomish Fair Ducks 

Snohomish Bare Necked

After 4 hours I think we hit all the exhibits and animals that we could handle so that just left one more thing...fair food!  I have never seen so many vendors and it was a toss up between the corn on a stick and ice cream, but the blackberry ice cream from The Purple Cow girls won out and we ended our outing eating ice cream and people watching.  You know you're getting old when the fair no longer means hanging out with your friends waiting to see who will ask you to go on the ferris wheel, but how to avoid standing under the Zipper in case someone drank a little too much before they got on the ride.