K9 Nose Work- Use that Hound Nose


It only took Hazel about 20 seconds to figure the K9 Nose Work game out and I have to give credit to her mom who was an incredible hunter in her own right and has passed down these genes to both Hazel and Nooner.  No mouse is left undetected in our house and with three dachshunds roaming the perimeters of the walls and the yard every day you can be sure that the "situation" will be taken care of immediately.  Once in a while you do come home to the remains of the hunt but luckily not too often. 

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about K-9 Nose Work lately, which is basically training your dog to track food items (and eventually specific scents) hidden in boxes, and thought that it would be perfect for Hazel. She excels in Nina Ottosson's dog activity toys so I need more of a challenge for her.  Nose work will get her mind engaged and give her a chance to use those natural instincts that dachshunds were bred for.  The National Association of Canine Scent Work governs the standards of the sport so if you are interested in a title you can find more information on the tests at their web site.

Here's a list of Certified K-9 Nose Work trainers in the U.S., and if you are looking for one in Northern California I can't say enough about Sandra Mannion!  We've worked with her before and she brings a very practical, yet fun, aspect to training dogs.  You'll see success with her within a few weeks.