NCNC September Water Test

NH 2010-09-11 Sarah Single Retrieve (2)

Linda and Sarah during the Single Retrieve

NH 2010-09-11 Flint Jump to Handler 2

Flint (now a WRD!) jumping off the boat during his Rescue Exercise

NH 2010-09-11 Sophie Tow a Boat 2 copy

Sophie (now a WD!) beaching the boat during Tow a Boat

NH 2010-09-11 Anika Jump copy 2

Deb and Anika (now enjoying her retirement days) during the Retrieve Off a Boat

NH 2010-09-11 Isaak Tow a Boat 2

Isaak Tow a Boat to Shore


NH 2010-09-11 Walter Drop Retrieve 

Walter's Drop Retrieve

Yesterday was the perfect day down in Del Valle for a water test, and it was the last test of the season so everyone was excited and exhausted to be there for one more try this year.  The morning chill wore off early and by the time we started the sun broke out and a slight wind was in the air; good during a barbecue but not so good for the dogs retrieving articles on the lake.  I went down for moral support and it was incredibly exciting to see friends pass this time after all their work and frustrating for those that decided running up to the picnic area was more enticing than retrieving a bumper. 

NH 2010-09-11 Recue Shirts
NH 2010-09-11 Rescue Shirts

Yet again I did not win anything in the raffle, but found some much needed drool towels and shirts at the NCNC Rescue Booth.  Anything to support Newfoundland rescue, plus it's really quality shirts and towels that they have for sale.

NH Old Town Danville Bakery

The highlight of the raffle and the rescue though were these adorable (and good) Newfoundland cookies from The Old Towne Danville Bakery.  A club member dropped off her cookie cutter to a local bakery and the owner came up with sweet cookies representing black, brown, and Landseer dogs to celebrate our water test.  Now I need to track down a cookie cutter like one at Fancy Flowers, and have a baking day before the holidays start.