Sweet Chops Dog Treats

Sweet Chops Chompin Chocolate 
Sweet Chops Lollipups

Sweet Chops Mixed Cupcakes

Sweet Chops Melting Mutt Moments
Sweet Chops Peanut Butter Cups 

(all pictures from Sweet Chops online store)

If I ever find myself in Brisbane one of the first places I am going to will be this incredible dog treat store, Sweet Chops, and loading my suitcase full of these delicious looking treats for the dogs.  Foyle is drooling just looking at the pictures!  Emma Lulham's love for cupcakes and dogs helped her turn a hobby into a successful business.  She uses high quality ingredients- no added sugar or salt, gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  I have yet to see treats as well done and artistic as these and it gets even better because you can shop online! As Rachel Ray would say..... Yummo!