Foyle & His CGC Test

2010-09-19 CGC 002
2010-09-19 CGC Jagger

We need to celebrate!  Foyle passed his Canine Good Citizen test today!  He was quite the little dog-gentleman and was in fine form as far as his "down" was concerned.  We really haven't practiced other than our rally class and a few basic obedience classes last year, but we use every chance we can to fit in "practice sessions" in every day situations.  Waiting at the door, sitting to meet children, downs in the park, staying in order to be fed, heeling while on's actually pretty easy to get basic obedience commands worked into every day moments. It completely paid off today and we passed with flying colors! (note the nice background in the picture) Congratulations goes to my friend Jenna, and her Portuguese Water Dog, Jagger, who passed the test this weekend too!