What To Do When You Drop Your Scissors

NH Dropped Scissors 2

Yikes!  I did it again!  I dropped my favorite pair of thinning shears on the ground, the ones where if you even look at them sideways they won't close properly. Thanks to my favorite scissor guy at Shear Madness he gave me the following tip if you drop  your scissors:

  1. Do not close your scissors right away.

  2. While keeping the two blades slightly apart, close your scissors without the blades touching.

  3. Open your scissors back up while pressing the blades together with slight pressure. This should scrape the bur(s) off.

  4. Close your scissors normally.

If this doesn't work then it is time to take them back and have a professional fix them.  Also, make sure you find the right person for the type of scissors that you have, because different types of blades require different methods of sharpening.  The Oster Black Thinning Shears above use a Japanese type sharpening method. 

Chris Christensen has an excellent page called Scissors 101 that gives you a nice overview of scissor terminology, especially helpful when trying to decide between a "blender" and a "thinning" shear or different types of metals. It's a difficult decision to pick out a pair of scissors if you haven't been able to try them out ahead of time so do your research, talk to people to see what they use for what type of scissoring, and definitely hunt around because prices vary dramatically.  I've had good luck finding what I need at PetEdge.