Save San Francisco Pet Shops


Join Pawtrero Bathhouse and Feed Co. and over 20 other locally owned San Francisco pet shops, dog walkers, and pet service providers in voicing their opposition against larger pet store chains opening in San Francisco.  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is voting today on an appeal of Pet Food Express's potential new store opening up at California and Presidio, if you'd like to support the coalition please go to the website and send a pre-written email or show up at City Hall at 2:30, room 250.  Like many local stores, pet stores add to the character and personality of the neighborhood and provide such personal service that it's like coming in to talk to your best friend.  They get to know your dogs needs, their favorite treat, and will even do special orders for you.  Pawtretro even has delivery service!  Many local charities, trainers, and products are also supported by local pet stores who hold events year round to raise money or get the word out about a product or trainer they really believe in.  Get the word out, it's not too late!

We don't make it to the city that often but here's a few locally owned stores that NewfandHound supports in the East Bay:

  1. Pugnacious Pet Provisions

  2. Holistic Hound  

  3. Dog Bone Alley

  4. Nitro Dog