Cookie Jars

Paulova cookie jar
Paulawear cookie jar 

Sdiwoodworking canister Rarebeastie atomic jars

Cattales chick feeder
Fruitflypie candy jar

Are you tired of the bags and boxes of dog treats lying around in piles around your kitchen?  I am, so I'm on the hunt at Etsy for a good looking cookie jar that won't offend our kitchen aesthetics and found the following... (from left to right)

  1. Paulova Large Cork Jar

  2. Paulaware Pig Out Jar 

  3. SDI Woodworking Cedar Grooved Canister (impeccable craftsmanship, we ordered one a while ago and love it!)

  4. Rarebeastie Atomic Style Lidded Jars 

  5. Cat Tails Chick Feeder and Vintage Mason Jar 

  6. Fruit Fly Pie Round Own Dish