Happy New Year!

Happy New Year copy

Well, I have to say that I am looking forward to the new year and letting go of 2010 finally. We had quite a difficult year in some respects but we are ready to put it behind us and move forward towards brighter days and lighter moments. But the one thing I've learned is that good friends who are behind you through your darkest times are priceless and I'm very grateful for the close-knit group I found once Foyle came to live with us. A special thanks to Jenna, Dawn, Cathy, Laura, and Ray.

Now, as for 2011, it is the perfect time to start over with new goals and new challenges to keep everyone "evolving" as i like to think of it. Like everyone else we will be setting some resolutions, but here are a few for Newf and Hound:

  1. Add an Event and Training calendar featuring local events and training classes.

  2. Add more training information.

  3. Participate in local dog events.

  4. Document our progress at making Foyle a therapy dog and getting Hazel's CGC.

  5. Add more interesting categories for weekly posts.

  6. Support NCNC more through donations of time, designs, and raising funds.

I have a notebook of ideas just waiting to come out so stayed tuned!