Phydough Truck Now in L.A.

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  (pictures via Phydough website, center picture of dog fromJacqueline Salcedo)

The newest gourmet food truck to hit the streets of Los Angeles over the weekend will have you cooking up a batch of organic dog cookies faster than a dog can chase a car! The Phydough truck was conceived by Patrick Guilfoyle, owner of Double Dog Dare Ya in Burbank California (with the help of Natasha Case of Coolhuas Ice Cream Sandwich success) after feeling frustrated by the lack of quality dog treats and food recalls in recent years. So why not offer customers the social aspect of eating at a food truck with high quality, organic or human grade ingredients. Lick smacking peanut butter bacon bones, red velvet cookies and soy or yogurt based ice cream from Coolhaus are available along with frozen cookie dough you can take home and bake later. Now wouldn't this be a nice way to end a long day of shopping or walking with the dogs? So, when is this coming up to San Francisco?