Newfoundlands Love Winter?

Manuela schulz 1
Manuela schulz 7


Manuela schulz 2 Manuela schulz 6

Manuela schulz 3

Ah, this is the time of year when Newfoundlands sigh in relief and kick up their heels. No more panting, no more lying in front of the fans, no more pacing around the room because they can't get comfortable, now is the time for outdoor freedom! I grew up in Montana so I have had my fill of snow, freezing cold weather, and plugging in the cars so I am a bit reluctant to spend 8 hours in the car to go up to Tahoe. Poor Foyle, but I think I'm actually saving him a trip to the ER and TPLO surgery from blowing out his knees as he slips and slides on the ice. And the hounds would rather be sleeping next to a roaring fire then dare to step out into the snow.

But, these pictures from Manuela Schulz, aka Little Crazy Bears, in Austria (If I have that wrong, please let me know!) show the absolute joy her Newfoundlands had after their first big snowfall in December. Her lovely Newfs are so excited and obviously having a grand time playing in the snow! You can just hear them laughing and playing with utter delight as they run around the yard. Thanks so much for letting me use your pictures!!