Make This or Buy That - Travel Cushion

  Make This Buy That Travel Cushion jpeg
In the second edition of Make This or Buy That I thought I'd focus on a cushion that you can use at home or take with you, a must for anyone who travels with their dog(s)! We have a closet full of crate pads but I like these two because they are easy to make when you need multiples, and easy to take care of especially during the winter months when everything gets dirty. The first Cozy Travel Cushion comes from Martha Stewart and is easy to make in an afternoon. Now you can pick up a few extra towels at the sales and put them to good use! The second cushion is the Eco Nap from West Paw Design and is designed to fit standard size crates. It is certified safe and can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer. Both cushions are cozy and will make your dog happy and comfy!