Found My Animal - Hand Made Leashes

Found my animal rope

If there was ever a leash that could withstand the pull of a Newfoundland dog then the Adjustable Rope Lead from Found My Animal would have to be at the top of the leash pile! Their beautiful, simple leads are hand woven from professional rope makers in New England who are keeping an ancient craft afloat. No pun intended. Their black and white ropes are even made from 100% recycled P.E.T. bottles.

Each rope is hand spliced and then are "whipped" at the end. I didn't know what that meant either so I had to look it up...actually it makes more sense if you look at this diagram: whipping. It sort of reminds me of watching the guys at water practice wrap all of our training ropes so there is a knot at the end for the dogs to hold on to. They also have collars, harnesses, and jump ropes all hand made in the U.S.A.

Rescue chocolate

Found was started because of a dog named Walter adopted from The Louis Animal Foundation. This mobile spay/neuter clinic reaches out to rural areas where access to services are limited and homeless pets are in need of fostering and adoption. 25% of each sale from Found is donated to the Foundation, but like so many other services any additional medical or financial donation is always welcomed. Not in the modd for a leash, how about a little bite of chocolate then?