The Big Dog Show- Dale Rogers Sculptures

  2010-12-27 NH Dale Rogers 1

2010-12-27 Dale Rogers 2

2010-12-27 NH Dale Rogers 3

One of our road trips during vacation was down to South San Francisco to the Centennial Way Dog Park to see a beautiful piece of sculpture from the The Big Dog Show created by Dale Rogers. I had been planning this trip for a month now so finally when the rain broke we had a chance to see one of the sculptures in person. Each piece, which is part of a 20 piece show, is 8 feet high by 10' long, which doesn't do it justice until you actually see it and feel the sculpture in person. We have all walked our dogs in public parks and Rogers wanted to install this connection between the landscape, art and dogs which is even more evident when you see multiple pieces in one park. In Rogers words: "Historically dogs have made positive and lasting impressions with people, I hope the American Dog sculptures and The Big Dog Show will do the same."

2010-12-27 NH Dale Rogers 4

I think this concept resonates when you put your dog next to the sculpture and you realize the intensity of the size and the amount of detail and work that went into the piece. Much like what we do for our own dogs, it's a work of love.

2010-12-27 NH Dale Rogers 5 2010-12-27 NH Dale Rogers 6

What a great addition to a dog park also. They are becoming more of a common part of our urban landscapes and a strong social outlet, so to bring artwork into the mix elevates dog parks to an artistic venue. Brilliant! I wish we could see more of that and it may just become a goal of mine in the future.

Dale Rogers

You can find Dale in the picture above, on Facebook, and read more information about him and his work at ArtPrize.