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D sharp journal ribbon wall

It's such a thrill when you start winning ribbons at the dog shows, but after a while you start accumulating them by the box full and it seems like it is a crime to throw them away considering each ribbon probably cost you over $27 in entry fees not to mention travel expenses. I'm at the point where I want to show off the few special wins that Hazel and Foyle have accomplished but I wanted an interesting and creative way to display them in now that we've remodeled our second bedroom. So, apparently horse-show people have the same issue, but their solutions are so innovative and cute that I have to give them credit! Here are a few of my favorite displays:

  1. Equine Link showed off a great wreath that really highlights the rosettes.

  2. Decor 8 has two great ideas if you want to use your ribbons as decor. You can frame them in recycled picture frames or use Hayley Carmo's concept as a 3-dimensional art piece. (images linked to Decor 8 via original sources)

  3. One of my favorite ideas, and one I think I'll try,that I just happened to come across over at Pugly Pixel is from the feature on Danielle Thompson's photography from Kitchy Digitals. Paint an ornate frame on your wall and then hang your ribbons in the frame. Or if you are talented enough to embroider a picture of your prized hound then try a truly custom piece to hang your ribbon next to. (pictures from Danielle Thompson via Pugly Pixel)

  4. I finally have the white walls to pull off this look from d. Sharp Journal.

Other ideas I read or thought about included the following:

  1. Display them in a large glass jar.

  2. Make them into a quilt or a pillow using a weave concept.

  3. Make an artistic collage of ribbons next to a picture of the dog.

  4. Try different variations on the wreath.

  5. Turn them into belts to show off a little bling at your next show.

  6. Use them as Christmas tree decorations.