Foyle's Friday - Catahoula and a Bath

2011-01-07 Catahoula Foyle 1 copy 2011-01-07 Catahoula Foyle 2

We started our day by walking over to Catahoula Coffee Co. & Roastery for a quick cup of coffee. It is a local coffee shop that open a year or so ago and has become a favorite hang out in the neighborhood. It's not a big space but they have great coffee and just based on the name you know that they are dog friendly. I even saw a little cream heart poured into a customer's cup this morning! Their beans are roasted in the shop every Monday and Tuesday, and come from fair trade farms all over the world. My favorite is the Houla Blend, the strongest decaf you can find in the East Bay in my opinion.

2011-01-07 NH Catahoula Owner

Here's Timber, the owner of Catahoula, who was nice enough not to get mad when Foyle shook slobber all over the front door. So embarrassing, but funny when he said "how did he get it inside the door?" Timber is very interested in the community and has bands and even a little farmer's market in the summer. If you are in the neighborhood then this is the place to go!

2011-01-07 Foyle Bath 2
Next on our to-do list was getting a bath since Foyle was incredibly stinky, and because a friend suggested a grooming date tomorrow. So off we went to....yes....I hate to admit it.....a big box store by the name of....Pet Food Express. There, I said it. I go there sometimes when it is too cold to wash Foyle outside and because the staff is incredibly nice. Plus they give us extra water and extra time for the dryer which is necessary because the dryer is so weak compared to the awesome strength of K-9 II Blowdryer. A must have for any Newfie owner. I usually get him about 90% dry and then finish him up at home.

2011-01-07 Foyle Bath 1
Foyle loves the dryer and he's was such a good sport through the whole process. So, because he was such a good boy I got him a few new interactive toys to try...

2011-01-07 Dog Saver 2011-01-07 Kong Genius

Excellent interactive toys that kept him busy for the rest of the afternoon!

Give them a try!