Paper Craft Dog

Japan Trend chihuahua-colror-carton-sculpture


D-torso mastiff D-torso bull dog

If you didn't get enough cardboard over the holidays then here are a few layers that you won't want to get rid of. Paper crafting in all forms is popular right now and a fun and easy way to mock up a little mini are with kits such as the Chihuahua from D-torso. D-torso is a 3-D system developed by Aki Co. Limited that divides an image into sliced data and then reconfigures the information into an x,y,and z axis.

Anima causa eco dog Giant_Black_Dog_4cefa7ca2ce20

If you are ready to try out your own skills then Anima Causa Boutique has the Eco Dog and the Giant Black Dog. Each piece comes flat packed and luckily is easy to assemble! The Eco Dog can even be painted to match your room. Thanks to Dog Milk for posting this idea!

Marc tetro pop outs

Looking for something a little bit easier? Well I don't think it could get any easier than punching 3 pieces out and putting them together to make these adorable little Pop-Out! from artist Marc Tetro.