Make This or Buy That - Bandanna

Make This Buy That Bandana

(images from Canine Couture and Happy Dog Clothes)

Welcome to my new series called Make This or Buy That! Sometimes I'm in the mood to break out my sewing machine or craft supplies and make a personal gift, but other times I come across an item that someone else made that I just can't resist. So, to kick off this series I'm starting with a bandanna for your dog! It's an accessory that is relatively easy to sew and can be modified for any occasion! The design on the left is from the book Canine Couture by Lilly Shahrawesh and the directions can be downloaded: Download Snazzy Bandanna 1, Download Snazzy Bandanna 2Download Snazzy Bandanna 3. The Red Heart Bandana by Happy Dog Clothes can be found on Etsy. I'm going to make this a bi-monthly series so please check back and find more great ideas!