TPLO Surgery - The Final Week!

2011-10-16 NH TPLO 8 wk

Last week was the final week of recovery and I am incredibly happy to announce that the bone is healed and Foyle is all clear to go for a walk! Here's the crew out for his first walk in two months and he was so excited I could barely get a picture of him, he was moving as fast as his poor weak leg could go. It lasted only for a block but it gives me hope that he'll finally be able to play and be "normal" again. But now comes the hard part - physical therapy. It'll be like Rocky in training, building muscle, a little sweat and tears, and a crazy Brooklyn accent! I think we've finally found his "voice"! Do you have a voice you use for your dogs?

Stay tuned for Foyle and his first try at the underwater treadmill! Swim? Walk? Swim? Huh?