Sleepy Sunday -

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It's been a lazy Sunday at our house so we all took a nap this afternoon. I stayed up too late last night watching Storm Chasers which has this paralyzing effect on me because I've been in a tornado once during college and why anyone would want to drive into one is beyond me, but you can't stop watching it because you have to find out if they intercepted one or not. Needless to say, it didn't help my insomnia so a nap was in order this afternoon to make up for last night. Hazel found a resting spot on Nooner's back and Foyle joined them on the couch and took over my pillow. I snuck into our bedroom only to hear little feet coming in a while later one by one. I woke up briefly to find Nooner cuddled up next to me trying to get warm. It was a good Sunday I must say. Do your dogs cuddle up with you during naps?