Hogs 4 Dogs! Ride On For The 4-Legged!

Hogs for dogs howl-o-ween

If there was one event that would get me back on a motorcycle after 5 years it would be to go out to Iowa and ride with my cousin in a wonderful event they started called Hogs 4 Dogs

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The motorcycle ride started 8 years ago, but Hogs 4 Dogs USA is in its first year of being an independent spay-neuter program for pets in Iowa. It started out supporting a local no-kill shelter and now has expanded to help several shelters, the Dog Star Animal Sanctuary, and Bailey's Bark Park. They've also set up at vet clinics to help support people in financial hardship, and who can now apply for assistance to spay or neuter their pet. The 2011 September ride raised over $14,000 and 350 riders joined in on the two day event! Now that's a lot of Harley's on the road!

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It's a wonderful organization that gets to the heart of shelter problems, and if a community can find a way to educate pet owners and help people afford to have their pets spayed or neutered than we are doing a positive thing for society. Education and awareness are key components, and without those two more breed legilslation will be adopted and pet owners' rights will decrease in the future. Now get out there and ride for a good cause or buy a raffle ticket at their Howl-O-Ween Party! Ride on!