Holiday Road Trip - About That Snow...

2011-11-19 NH Road Trip Snow 2011-11-19 NH Road Trip Nooner

2011-11-19 NH Road Trip 35  2011-11-19 NH Road Trip Snuggle

I forgot! I completely forgot how cold it can be in the Northwest in the winter and the continuous site of snow on a lonely two lane highway in the middle of nowhere did not ring "winter wonderland" as we drove. But, I figured if anything happened Foyle would be warm enough for everyone to snuggle against. Luckily, we made it without incident to the car or the dogs!

I thought I had designed the Taj Mahal of van accomodations for the four of them but apparently the space between the two front seats was the most desireable because that's where the hounds spent a majority of their travel time. Suddenly a pet booster seat didn't seem so ridiculous to us. Boredom set in the second day and Hazel challenged Ray to a stare down for hours, I think Hazel won because she is still rubbing it in a bit.

Now they are making themselves at home at Grandma's house but somehow haven't yet realized that we are on vacation. Do they really need to get up at 5:30 to eat this week? The only advantage of getting up that early is to watch the snow fall, actually being able to finish a full cup of hot coffee, and having all your dogs snoring away at your feet. It's the little moments.