Winter Wonderland! First Snow Day!


Is there anything more fun than watching a Newfoundland dog playing in the snow? How about watching him play in the snow for the first time with his dachshund buddies?

A few minutes after we arrived at my mom's house we let the dogs out in the backyard to see what they would do in a few inches of powder. Foyle was the first one out and immediately took a few laps around the yard thoroughly enjoying the cool weather after being cooped up in a car for two days. A wave of relief came across his face as he snapped up a few mouths full of snow and then he was off again, parading around as if he had just won an Olympic medal. The hounds hesitated a bit, but then their little black rear ends were bouncing up and down across the yard, determined to do a perimeter check before they proceeded to engage in any form of play. I was surprised how long they stayed out there but apparently long enough to develop rows of snowballs along their bellies that took quite a while to get off. They were happy, I was not.

Unfortunately the snow only lasted a few days and Foyle mourned the loss of it by laying in the remenents and eating what little snow was there until all he was left with was laying on the wet grass. The moment was short lived, but enjoyable while it lasted.