NewfandHound Is Now On Pinterest

Reindeer Squeaky Dog Toy Santa paws

I'm doing a little happy jig because I've finally started up a Pinterest account and I have to say that it is very addictive, but very fun at the same time. There are so many amazing ideas, pictures, stories, recipes, tutorials, and products that you can spend hours (literally, believe me) browsing and pinning.

So I've spent the past week gathering up all of my favorite stocking stuffers, Dachshund lover gifts, Newfie lover gifts, and random cool things that I'm finding as I browse through blogs. Go to the NewfandHound page and check out hand made gifts for your puppy like the Reindeer Squeaky Dog Toy and the Santa Paws Squeaky Dog Toy from Smiling Frog Pets! Have fun shopping!

If you want an invite just comment below and I'll send you one!