Ernie - The Chicken Hound

2011-11-03 NH Chicken Hounds

(Hazel, Ernie, and Nooner on kitchen duty)

The other night I decided to cook the one and only meal that I feel comfortable cooking on a regular basis thanks to Nigella Lawson, roasted chicken, and the only dog allowed in the kitchen while I cook is Ernie because he is known as the "chicken hound".

I don't even have to set a timer any more because we have found that he has the dachshund intuition (aka the hound nose) to know when it is almost done and as if on cue he starts barking! Usually this means I need to baste the chicken one last time, but his barking tends to increase as the chicken continues to cook. What amazes me is that he is the only one of the four dogs to do this! It's as if he is saying "Hey, I know you aren't the best cook in town so you better come take a look at this because I think it is almost ready for me to eat!"

2011-11-03 NH Roasted Chicken

(a mixture of sage and butter under the skin, yum!)

Of course there is a very obvious reason for his attentiveness and dedication and they all get to join in on the decimation after the chicken has cooled off. The bonus is the roasted vegetables on the bottom! Now his "chicken hound" ability has passed on to other recipes as well. In fact, I think I hear him now. That must mean that Foyle's brussels sprouts are done now too. I swear I cook more for my dogs than I do myself! At least they don't complain!

P.S. It's Ernie's 14th birthday tomorrow!!