Renegade Craft Fair in SF - Winter 2011

Winter 2011 sfflyer540
The 3rd annual Renegade Craft Fair holiday sale is happening from December 17-18th at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco! Always a great place to go and find last minute, hand-made, holiday gifts for your friends and family. We've got our own system down now; first stop is the main desk to grab the flyer that has the layout of the fair and who is at what booth, then we make one pass around each isle to see what we like the most and mark the booth down. Third, we sit down and have something to eat and decide what we want to buy that we can't live without, and finally we head out to make our purchases! Works pretty well because there's so much to see that you forget what you liked at what booth, and this way we don't spend all of our money within the first five minutes which is so easy to do! 

This year I'm going to head to these sellers first!

  1. Doggy Detail  for fun new dog-stuff to use in give aways

  2. Maiden Voyage Clothing for the Bears in Tandem Shirt

  3. The Poetry Store for a custom poem typed on the spot, see Foyle's poem 

  4. Ida Done That to expand my bear art collection