Happy Holidays from NewfandHound!

2011-12-25 NH Xmas Day copy

We did it! We made it down to the L.A. area and back with four dogs and without any problems or losing anyone along the way! I think we deserve a medal for that because it seems to take an enormous amount of organization and coordination with our crew. We had to make sure we had enough food, toys, crates, crate pads, etc. to bring with us. I swear it would be easier to pack for four kids than it is for these dogs. Here's Hazel and Ernie sacked out on the rug while we are opening presents. They were so exhausted by the end of the day they could barely keep their eyes open.

2011-12-25 Foyle Christmas copy

We had seven dogs together on Christmas day, and I can't say it was a love fest between them but overall I think they all did very well. No one was bitten and no one had to go to the vet so I think it was a success. But the question is, what do you do when someones dog misbehaves and no one is keeping it in check? How long do you let it go on before you say something? Should you say something? I came to the conclusion that if the other dog is going to or has harmed your dog(s) then definitely speak up and take your dogs out of the equation. I'd rather have an in-law upset at me than to have to take my dog to an unfamiliar vet who doesn't know his health issues, or even worse having to come home to have him/her treated. Sounds harsh, I know, but if you've been reading my blog then you'll understand what we've been through this past year and that it still isn't over. Granted your dogs should have good manners in the first place but you can't always count on the other dog doing the same.

2011-12-25 NH Foyle Tucker

Here's Foyle with his new cousin, Tucker, playing in the yard. Foyle hasn't played with a dog for months, literally, so it was nice to see him interested in a short jaunt in the grass. That's pretty much all it took for him to be exhausted, but it was nice to see that the legs held up and he had a good time. Well, holidays are over and I'm looking forward to a week at home! Enjoy your vacation!