A Dachshund and a Mustache

2011-12-29 Mustach Pic 1 2011-12-29 Mustach Pic 3

2011-12-29 Mustache Pic 2 2011-12-29 Mustache Pic 4

This is what happens when you stay home on a Friday night but suddenly realized that you had a bag of goodies that you had bought earlier in the day at the Party Store! While searching for New Year's paraphernalia this morning I came across these $1.00 tattoo mustaches, which were completely unnecessary considering my mission, but at the same time completely irresistible! I knew they would come in handy at some point and tonight seemed like the perfect night to try them out. In fact, it's still on my finger as I type this because I'm too lazy to go take it off, plus it's entertaining me as I type. Have a great weekend!