Spoonflower Goes To The Dogs

Spoonflower Dogs
If you are ever bored with your local fabric store and need something new to start off one of your sewing projects then Spoonflower is the place to go! You can actually design your own fabric if you want a truly personal and custom print, or you can browse through the community and find something fun. Here's a few under the "dog" search that I found....

  1. Dog Show designed by Trois Miettes. You can also find prints on Etsy.

  2. Swirly Doggies designed by Jen Nagorsky.

  3. Piece of Dog Heaven- Fire Hydrant designed by Ttoz.

  4. Decorating Team designed by Newmom. You can also find her at her Etsy.

  5. Minnie designed by Tender Loving Claire.

  6. Annie Nanners designed by Monmeehan.

  7. Car Dogs designed by Babysisterrae. Oh, check out her cute Flying Squirrels also!

  8. Woo Woo Woofers designed by Scrummy.