Etsy Dog Art - The Dachshund

Etsy Art

Who isn't addicted to Etsy yet? It's not hard when you can find great pieces of original work like the ones above. Rich, saturated, vibrant colors just pop off the canvas at you and would be a great addition to any house or room. Especially mine! But I can't chose just one, help! Here are the artists from left to right...

  1. Legs In The Sun oil painting by Rhayne Drop Designs.

  2. Walking The Weiner Dog oil painting again by Rhayne Drop Designs.

  3. Dog With The Tibet Necklace acrylic on birch panel by The Modern Art Co.

  4. The Dream Ride oil pastel painting by Plum and Bear.

  5. The Duchess giclee print by Janet Hill Studio. Gorgeous vintage-looking print!

  6. Blue Dog Toy acrylic painting by Kellie Marian Hill