Modern Pet Tags

Etsy Dog Tags copy

Hazel lost her tags the other week which we were really upset about because it contains her Home Again microchip tag, her rabies tag, and of course all her I.D. information. I'm a bit fanatic about our dogs' I.D. and there are about three different ways that they can be identified just in case they do get lost, so to have Hazel lose tags is stressful. The tags were later found in the vacuum, but it gives me a good excuse to have new ones made. I like the ones above, all found on Etsy, and the different sizes are perfect for both Foyle and the Hounds. Plus, you can use them for almost anything you need to personalize, like your keyring, camera bag, purse, it's not just your dogs!

  1. Anchors Away small Pet ID tag from Fetch-A-Passion Tags. With every tag sold they will donate one dollar to a no-kill animal rescue.

  2. Mod Square handcrafted, custom aluminum pet tag by Kassia and Co.

  3. Pet ID Bar large 1/2"x1/2"x 1 3/4" aluminum bar by Make Your Dog Smile

  4. Paw Tag handmade and riveted together with copper ball rivets by Y Betta' Supa Don't

  5. Handstamped Pet Tag by WireNWhimsy

  6. Etched Copper Tag- Dog Paw, or customize your icon made by Tuff Leo Tags