Ursula Dodge Dog Prints- In Honor of Hickory's Westminster Win!

Ursula Dodge Deerhound

(all pictures via Ursula Dodge on Etsy)

In honor of Hickory's wonderful win at Westminster I wanted to showcase the talented painter, Ursula Dodge, and her colorful print of the Scottish Deerhound. Not only can you buy prints but she also makes great magnets so you can stick your friendly dog on the fridge! Thanks to Modern Dog Magazine for letting us know about her fabulous paintings!

  Ursula Dodge Newfoundland Ursula Dodge Black and Tan Dach

What do you know? She also has a Newfoundland print and several Dachshund prints to chose from! Just like my hounds, you can't have only one. Take a look at her website for more information and a larger selection of dog paintings. If you'd like a commissioned painting she is always available!