Newfoundland Puppies - Breezy's Babies

2011-02-20 NH Phinneas Fat Black

Is there anything cuter than a 4 week old Newfoundland puppy? I didn't think so, so I couldn't resist going up to see Breezy's new puppies this weekend. There were only 3 boys but they are the cutest puppies with the biggest feet and tails and the cutest faces I've ever seen for a puppy. They were worn out by the time we got there as you can see from the picture above. Black Fat boy crawled on over and laid on top of Phinneas Fog for a quick nap!

2011-02-20 NH Phinneas Fog 2011-02-20 NH Phinneas Roll Over

Phinneas is a gray (a recessive gene in Newfoundlands), which is why his color seems lighter, and we were mesmorized by the most amazing hues of gray, and in certain light he seems slightly tan and shimmering. It will be fun to watch his coat change and see how the color ends up. But he was the most active of the crew rolling around and chatting with us during the visit. They're just starting to roam around and explore their surroundings and were really upset when it came to feeding time and couldn't find Breezy. Demanding little guys! Ah, then there is the notorious puppy breath; you either love it or you hate it!

2011-02-20 NH Puppy Pile

The three are only 4 weeks old and feel as if they are about 5 lbs already. Healthy and happy and that's all you can ask for. It was hard not to smuggle one home in my coat but I think he would have been found out pretty quickly.