Dog Apps- SF Bay Hiking Trails

GGNRA Field Guide Every trail app

Here are two more Iphone applications to add to your list if you are a dedicated hiker with your dog in the Bay Area. The first is the Golden Gate National Recreation Area App that takes you on personal tours, gives you an overview of the ammenities in the parks, and offers a field guide to various birds and animals. I have a feeling once they establish the new Dog Management Plan that this will be even more helpful to figure out where you can walk off-leash with your dog! The second is the highly rated Every Trail App that lets you map out your adventure, search new hiking trails, and now has an audible tour you can listen to while you walk also! The best part is that it is free!

Dog whistler Animated knots

Want to have some fun with your dog and your apps? Check out the free Dog Whistler if you are like me and can't whistle loud enough to call back a fly, let alone your dog!  Or, if you are caught at water practice with a new rope and no sweet, dear friend (that's you Kevin) to tie your line for you then you can expertly tie your own with the help of Animated Knots by Grog app. Looking for more pet apps? Then check out my previous posts here, and more apps here!