Ernie's Love at First Bite

2011-02-25 NH Ernie cupcake 6 copy 2011-02-25 NH Ernie cupcake 5

I took Ernie on some errands on Friday and hit the jackpot by finding Love at First Bite Cupcake and Bakery in Berkeley. We had just finished buying some treats at Holistic Hound when we took a detour behind the store into an area called the Gourmet Ghetto. We found a goldmine of shops including Love at First Bite and the Twig and Fig letterpress shop right next door. Ernie nibbled on a miniature version of the Lemon Kiss, and part of my Coconut cupcake, but I saved the White Chocolate Malt Ball for last! So amazing, but word around the tables outside is that the Matcha Green Tea cupcake is the best.

2011-02-25 NH Twig and Fig 7 copy

After dessert we stopped outside the Twig and Fig letterpress shop to watch them print a few cards. It's nice that you can actually see the C&P press in action, but apparently there is a Heidelberg hiding out downstairs handling the longer runs. You can also browse through their selection of cards, paper, and gifts next door in their paperie. Ernie sniffed out a few cute cards, and their friendly staff! Great afternoon overall!