Superbowl Sunday- Hound Pound!

The big game is almost here and if you are anything like my family was growing up Superbowl Sunday was the best day of the year. At least it was for my dad and my brothers, the girls could care less, but we did put out a pretty nice spread for everyone to munch on throughout the day. This year we can include the dogs in the celebration and they can even participate in a little imbibing themselves with these fun treats and toys!

  1. Cohiba's Beer Bones- Started by Ryan Wilcox of AMUK Brewing, Cohiba's Beer Bones are made from real beer grains left over from his brewing process.

  2. Doggie Beer Bones- made in San Diego these tasty treats recycle beer grains also.

  3. Bowser Beer- If your dog keeps steeling sips of your brew then go and get a bottle of his own non-alcoholic beverage! It's all made and sourced in the U.S. and contains beef or chicken, malt barley, and glucosamine. Please drink responsibly.

  4. VIP Products Silly Squeakers- Don't want to share? Then pick up a few of these fun dog toys to let your dog play with...during commercials or the Puppy Bowl of course.


Now, if you really want to have a good time with your hounds then go for the ultimate Hound pound and pick up a six pack of III Dachshunds Brewing Company's beer! The variety is endless and if you want a drink that is non-alcoholic then I highly recommend the Root Beer. Their selection ranges from Ciders, Beers, and Root Beer so everyone in your family can sport a different dog lag if they'd like! And if you are interested in artisanal brewers and their dogs then click on over to Craftbeer for a great article by John Holl on The Canine's Role in Craft Beer and how dogs have inspired great beers.