Hipstamatic Lens Melodie

2011-02-01 NH Ernie Nooner Hipsta 2011-02-01 NH Foyle Hipsta 2

2011-02-01 NH Foyle Hipsta 2011-02-03 NH Hazel and Squirrel

I absolutely love playing around with the Hipstamatic App and if you've been reading the blog over the past year I can get a little carried away with it, but the results can be surprising and amazing at times. Here's a few pictures using the Melodie Lens that was available over Christmas, and apparently it was only available for a short amount of time with the Levis Photo Workshop Holiday Goodpak, so I guess I'm "lucky" to have been able to download it.

I like its distressed look at the edges and the washed out results which works well with black dogs. I seem to get better contrast and shading without blurring the dogs, especially when they are next to each other. Confused about the assortment of lenses and films available? Head on over to Photojojo's Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide which has hundreds of pictures and combinations to look at. See anything you like? Send me a picture of your dog and let me know what lens/film you used! I'll take a picture of Foyle and the Hounds and see what results I get. Then I'll post them side by side!