Woodrow Wear Socks for Foyle

2011-03-18 NH Foyle Socks

The weather this weekend has varied between rain, wind, thunder, and more rain so I was happy to see that the Woodrow Wear socks that I had ordered Foyle had come in last Thursday. I heard mixed reviews on the socks but after another Newfie owner said she had tried them on her dog the week before with great results I thought I would give them a try. Foyle is starting to move around a bit more but with slippery floors from the rain he needed a little more traction on the hind legs.

2011-03-18 NH Foyle Socks 1
I am happy to say that they work very well, the traction is great, and it is easier for him to get up and walk around. They are a little hard to get on, and my friend mentioned that she had to order two different sizes because the front feet are larger than the back, but they fit nice and snug. Luckily Foyle leaves them on and isn't bothered by them or else I would have lost a few by now. You can buy them on the website, or on Amazon. Foyle is sporting the green socks with the white bunny in honor of Hazel's field trials.