Kalyxcraftopia- Dachshunds for Tsunami Relief

Kalyxcraftopia dachshund bunny

I am so excited to start shopping for new artwork for the house so every night now I browse through Etsy to see what I can find for around $20.00 Today I came across this Dachshund and Bunny linocut print of Baxter and his bunny friend. This edition, created by Kalyxcraftopia in North Carolina, was created especially for the Japanese tsunami victims and $5 of each sale will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Kalyxcraftopia hidden doxie

But wait! While looking through her shop I also found this adorable, and completely original Message in a Doxie sculpture where you can hide a personalized message or make your own! I can't decide which one I want more, they would both look good in my room. Ok, I'll get both!