Foyle's TPLO Surgery - The Radiograph

2011-03-07 NH Foyle TPLO Xray 1

(Foyle's right leg before TPLO surgery)

It's been a week since Foyle's TPLO surgery so we went in for an appointment at the vets to see how his leg was doing and to test the kidneys again to see where the levels are. The bonus was that I was able to get pictures of his radiographs and see where the bone was cut and where the plate was screwed on.  You really can't feel either one when touching the back of the knee. Luckily his adventure on Friday did not do permanent damage and I was relieved to hear a similar situation happened to the surgeon's lab after his TPLO also without any adverse reactions.

2011-03-07 NH Foyle TPLO Xray 4

(Foyle's right leg after the surgery, bone cut and plate)

We had good news and we had some "concerning" news by the end of the appointment. The good news is that the leg is doing great, he's able to put weight on it and walk a little more comfortably. The swelling has gone done as of tonight and he seems to have more appetite. The "bad" news is that the creatinine level went from around 2.1 to 3.4 since Friday. If it starts to climb further up by next week then we have a problem and will have to start subcutaneous fluids. I'm hoping that it will level off and go down because wresting him down to put a large needle and fluids in him every night is going to be difficult. He's already on to me hiding his menagerie of pills in his food. I've found that penne pasta works pretty well!

2011-03-07 NH Foyle TPLO Xray 3 2011-03-07 NH Foyle TPLO Xray 2

(before and after)

All I can say is I am so incredibly lucky to have my mom fly down for two weeks to help take care of him during the day. How can I ever thank her? Boy are they all going to be spoiled by having someone around all day to cater to their needs, mainly being a lap to sit on all day.  But for now the sweet sound of him snoring away in the other room is heaven and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.