Geothermal Dog House

Miller Pet Products House pic

Miller Pet Products has developed a new concept in dog houses using Geothermal Energy to warm and cool an underground dog house. Have you ever seen your dog dig in the dirt only to turn around and lay right down in the hole he just made? That's using geothermal energy, or rather cool dirt, to stay cold.

Rsz_dog_house_step_4 Rsz_dog_house_step_5

The dog house come pre-assembled and all you need to do is dig a hole big enough to fit the dog house, set it into the ground and compact the dirt around it, then make it comfortable for you dog to snooze in! The only concerns I have are high water tables, deep frost lines, other animals occupying the house, and the fact that I doubt I could dig through our clay soil deep enough to fit the house in! Other than that I think it's a great concept worth trying out on the west coast where most of the geothermal reservoirs are located.