Rose City Totes- Hand Crafted Dog Beds in Portland

2011-04-23 NH Rose City Totes

I was so excited to go to the show this past weekend to see if one of the new vendors from Portland was going to be there again selling these funky, durable dog beds, but much to my disappointment they were not. I was lucky that I actually did get a chance to buy dog beds from Rose City Totes when I did because these are some of the coolest beds that I've found lately. They are incredibly durable, water resistant, and come in any crate size that you may need. The fabrics are so fun, not your typical boring drab print, that it was hard to chose between them.

2011-04-23  NH Rose City Totes Crate 2
The hounds really liked them! I bought one for Foyle's crate also and I like the size so much that I think they would make great cushions for the outdoor furnitre also. I was so sad to see that they didn't come back down, but hopefully I can talk them into coming down for the Woofstock show in June!