One, Two, Three....You're Out!

2011-04-03 NH Hounds in Clayton 2011-04-03 NH Hounds in Clayton 1

We had an amazing day out at a friend's place in Clayton today and this was the scene on the way home. Not five minutes from her house and the hounds were piled on the front seat already asleep. They spent the day exploring every nook and cranny of her two acres while we installed plants in her new shade garden. I don't think I've ever seen Hazel so ecstatic as when she realized she could run free for as long as she wanted, she was grinning ear to ear. Ernie managed to use that hound nose to hunt down treats sealed in a plastic bag way in the back of the barn, and Nooner felt it was much wiser to wait to see what the other two found so she could steal it later. They also made out with one of the sheltie's bully sticks so it was a great day for hunting! All in all it was an adventuresome day for the hounds. Can't wait to take them back to try out the agility equipment.